Natalie - what does Natalie surname mean?

This very unusual surname is recorded in England since the time of King George 1V (1820 - 1830), but is almost certainly of Italian origins. It does originate from the female name Natalie itself from the Latin `natalis` meaning `birth`, but it seems to have had a more specific meaning of one born on Christmas Day or just possibly Good Friday. Saint Natalie who was martyrd in the 5th century, provided the theme for the popularity of the personal name, and the later surname. Recorded in the spellings of Natalie, Natali, Natale, and possibly others, this surname seems to be first recorded in England in the year 1827 with that of Jane Natale who married Thomas Reynolds at Christ Church Stepney, on October 10th, and that of Isaac Natali who married Sophia Dand at St James Paddington, on Decmber 23rd 1843.

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