Jablonski - what does Jablonski surname mean?

This is a medieval Polish surname. It is residential or occupational and either describes somebody who lived by an apple orchard, or if occupational described either a fruit merchant or an orchard owner. It derives from the ancient word `jablon` meaning apple and `ski` which was originally equivalent to the German `von` or the French `de` and implied ownership of the lands or estate. The surname is recorded in a wide range of spellings including Jablonski, Jablonowski, Jablonka, the Russian Yablokov and Yablochin, the Czech Jablon and Jablonec, and the Askenasic Jablin, Yablon, Jablow and many others. The surname is quite exceptional in that Polish records are generally poor to non existent most being destroyed either during the Second World War or during the Russian Communist Occupation which followed. However with this name we have several excellent early recordings examples of which include Karel Stanislaw Jablonski at Krystynopel, Lwowskie, in 1701, and Vincente Jablonski who married Dorota Broniszowna, at Latsz, Poznanskiego, in 1729.

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