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Recorded in a variety of spellings including Falldoe, Falldo, Faldo, and Faldoe, this is a British surname of possibly French origins, that may have originated in the Channel Islands! It is claimed that the village of Faldouet near Gorey in the isle of Jersey is the former `home` of the nameholders, and this may well be so. Locational surnames by their very nature are `from` names, and as such given to people after they left their original places of residence. Nethertheless there are usually some local connections, but with this name there does not appear to be any recording of any spelling of the name on the Channel Islands. We feel that the origin is almost certainly French, but with two other possibilities. The first is from the from the medieval phrase `fol de rol`, and as such given to a person who liked to `sport`, and was not much given to work, the second is the reverse and occupational. This is from the French world `falot` meaning lantern, and applied to the early lamplighters or possibly makers of lanterns. Certainly the name is well recorded in London from the time of the first Elizabeth and probably eralier, in the `modern` name spellings. Early examples include Thomas Faldoe, a witness at the church of St Mary Woolchurch, on May 15th 1597, William Foldo, a witness at St Mary Magdalene on September 24th 1616, and Henry Faldo, a witness at Allhallows church, Bread Street, all in the city of London.

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